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One for all, all for one!
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Santa Casa Healing Works
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Santa Casa Healing Works
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Santa Casa Healing Works
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"A place where many miracles have been performed..." Clara Iura
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Three Kings Day - Delivery of Works
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Straw hat
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Mad. Rita is present during the works
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At the end of the works... Only Joy!!!
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Reunião da Escola
Cruzeiro do Céu School Meeting
Reunião da Escola
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New building under renovation!
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Get to know the Santa Casa de Cura Pd. Manoel Corrente

Since its creation in 1999, Santa Casa de Cura is the first Spiritual Hospital of Juramidam, opened in Céu do Mapiá to support healing, both spiritual and material, within the scope of the Santo Daime Doctrine.


In recent years Santa Casa had to restrict its integrative activities, such as hospitalization, food and care in the different lines of knowledge on alternative medicines, due to the deterioration of the building and the lack of resources to maintain the activities.


With the help of several segments of our sister/brotherhood, we are returning to activity after this period, initially renovating the buildings to better assist all the public that comes in search of help.


The coming back of

Padrinho Sebastião's

Healing Knowledge

We are returning to work in tune with this truth of Padrinho Sebastião, deepening this better structured knowledge, and preparing a new team to watch over and maintain its operation.

We count on the help of the sister/brotherhood from all over the world to give sustainability to the Santa Casa and fully carry out its mission of welcoming and healing not only the people of the forest but also the visitors and the many sisters and brothers of the world who express their desire to reach it.

The kitchen is also an important sector of the Santa Casa, which will have a vegetable garden and a wood-burning stove where there will always be rice and beans to serve those who often lack a place to eat and will be received with the same spirit of charity that we had in the old general kitchen of Vila Céu do Mapia.

In addition to the vegetable garden with organic products and medicinal herbs, there will be a nursery for seedlings, especially for Jagube and Rainha.

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The space where people seek spiritual healing with the sacrament of Santo Daime. We also use the herbs and sacred medicines that our mysterious Amazon rainforest offers us, along with the wisdom of the traditional prayers that inhabit it.

Santa Casa also offers the possibility of using the knowledge of naturalistic therapies, natural food, sacred knowledge of oriental medicine, bioenergetic therapies, yoga, meditations, mediumistic services within the Umbandaime line and in the spiritist line of doctors. Using the wisdom of caboclos, pretos velhos and all healing entities, both from Umbanda and from the enchanted ones of the forest.


Today, Santa Casa de Cura is a point of reference in the Céu do Mapiá community in terms of social and community work in general.

It is in Santa Casa that today courses, training, experiences, public health care of the municipality and the Ethical-Disciplinary Council are held, activities of the youth movement, management group meetings, ICEFLU and AMVCM assemblies, among other events.


Currently with the church under construction, Santa Casa houses, in the “Hat of Straw”, the official spiritual works, in addition to the healing services that occur according to the need.

It is at this moment that Santa Casa establishes itself in its community mission, to aggregate, attend and serve the Community at a spiritual, social and individual level. Its main focus of care is spiritual healing with the support of compatible integrative therapies.


Santa Casa has always been welcoming people, residents or visitors who need some kind of service, whether spiritual, emotional, material needs, or just a quiet place to meditate.

Being a Spiritual Hospital, the environments of Santa Casa are consecrated to this fine-tuning with the spiritual guides,  spiritual doctors and nurses, providing a space for prayers and cures.

Terreiro do Padrinho Sebastião

Straw roof

Initially this terreiro was inaugurated for the studies of mediumistic development being called "Terreiro do Padrinho Sebastião". Then we built a straw roof on it where we also held parties in honor of the orixás. With the development of our community, we started to use the terreiro for other activities, such as youth meetings, women's meetings, assemblies, spiritual works, courses, attendance of the Disciplinary Ethical Council, among others. Currently, the terreiro also houses the official works of the Church.


The Santa Casa building renovation project has been happening since the beginning of 2021 with the support of Instituto Sócio Ambiental – Isaviçosa, the contribution of the Foundation for the Healing Force of the Amazon (FHFA) and other brothers and sisters who are making this possible. the progress of the work.

Ongoing Projects

The creation of the Amigos da Santa Casa Association enabled the development of several important projects and partnerships related to education, social promotion and fundraising for works and maintenance of Santa Casa.

Pd. Sebastião Fernando Laroque Rio do Ouro 1982

Programa Papai Velho Mamãe Velha

to improve the quality of life of the veteran founders of our community, those who participated in the opening of Vila Céu do Mapiá.

Escola Cruizeiro do Céu


Acervo Cedoc foto de Márcio de Assis


Ensure the full functioning of the Santa Casa as a house of spiritual charity and health care.

Foto santa Casa reformada em 3D


The project aims to renovate buildings such as the general kitchen, bathrooms and Santa Casa de Cura itself.