Sustainability Project

On September 1, 2021, the Santa Casa de Cura Padrinho Manoel Corrente celebrates 22 years of operation dedicated to serving the spiritual, mental and physical health of residents and visitors of Vila Céu do Mapiá. As a charity house dedicated to comprehensive health care, Santa Casa was created and maintained from the contribution of several people and donations.

After the completion of the renovation work on the main building of the Santa Casa, currently underway, a new period of renovation of the fundamental purposes that led to the creation of this sacred space in Céu do Mapiá will certainly begin. By facing this, the need to guarantee conditions to welcome people is reinforced, not only those who seek care, but also those who come to develop some activity or receive the healing energies that emanate from the Santa Casa.

This project proposes to carry out actions that can guarantee the full functioning of Santa Casa.


In recent years, Santa Casa's activities have been reduced to the minimum possible, since there were no more necessary resources to maintain the service as in the first years of operation. At that time, there was a staff of volunteers who, together with the donations and resources raised by the coordination of Santa Casa, made it possible to offer permanent duty to everyone who arrived there in search of assistance.

Our Purpose

Ensure the full functioning of the Santa Casa as a house of spiritual charity and health care.

I provide assistance to the entire community living in Céu do Mapiá and surroundings, as well as visitors and workers in the building of the Church.

Equipment Maintenance and Maintenance

Functions Monthly value(R$) annual value (R$)
Janitorial/Maintenance 3.000,00 36.000,00
Kitchen and cleaning 3.000,00 36.000,00
Duty 6.000,00 72.000,00
Food 3.000,00 36.000,00
Management 2.000,00 24.000,00
All 17.000,00 204.000,00

Permanent staff maintenance

Although it is considered that the assistance service at Santa Casa should always be a voluntary service, since it is understood that it is a dedication that cannot be charged or sold, a minimum resource is needed so that people can dedicate themselves and maintain the commitment to the basic services:

On duty (during the day and night when needed)
Cleaning and laundry service
Janitor and Maintenance (fuel, repairs, general care)

The janitorial, cleaning and kitchen services will be permanent. In principle, the proposal is to ensure that there is always at least one person on duty able to receive people at Santa Casa and, according to demand, the care and other services are organized. To keep people on duty and to attend or hospitalize patients, there will still be a monthly demand for food. The administration comprises monthly expenses with accountant, website and communication and general services for the organization of the sectors.


* It is important to point out that in order to keep Santa Casa running, resources are needed on a monthly basis.


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