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about the Santa Casa de Cura Pd. Manoel Corrente


The Santa Casa de Cura Padrinho Manoel Corrente is a philanthropic sector of Vila Céu do Mapiá that provides various services to the local community and visitors who arrive.

The community is located within the Purus National Forest, in the Brazilian Amazon, and is the headquarters of the Santo Daime doctrine, where around 1000 people now live.

Santa Casa is a space for integral health care – physical, mental and spiritual; of learning, training and mediumistic studies to work with healing; space for carrying out social and community work and houses, in the “Hat of Straw”, spiritual works and community activities such as assemblies, meetings, courses and events in general, in addition to the work of the Church itself during the period of the renovation.

A place in the community that welcomes people.

A space for assistance to those in need of health care, where you can work with other sacred knowledge and healing practices from other cultures that are in line with our Doctrine and Santo Daime.

Santa Casa was born out of dreams and miracles!

A sister came from Japan to receive her healing in Céu do Mapiá.


Back in Japan, years later, she had a dream in which Mestre Irineu asked her to help with resources in the construction of a healing house in that community. Padrinho Alfredo's visit to Japan was the opportunity to make this resource reach Mapiá. At the same time, there was an idle house in the village and they got the donation from the owner. Brothers and sisters from the community and the brotherhood were introducing themselves and everything flowed: manpower, more resources and the Santa Casa was built!

"You will never lack anything!” said the voice in Clara Iura's dream.

And so it was: “Miraculously we are walking, miraculously the brothers and sisters are arriving."

On September 1, 1999, Santa Casa was inaugurated.

Padrinho Corrente had already passed away, but the Santa Casa was named in honor of him and the entire Corrente family.

In addition to health care, Santa Casa is today a point of reference in the Céu do Mapiá community in terms of community social work in general. Currently with the church under construction, the Santa Casa houses, in the “Hat of Straw”, the spiritual works and all the activities that used to take place there, such as assemblies and meetings.

It is at Santa Casa that today courses, training, experiences, public health care of the municipality and the Ethical-Disciplinary Council, activities of the youth movement, meetings of the management group, meetings of ICEFLU, IDARIS and AMVCM, among other events are held.

The old building - although well deteriorated and in need of urgent renovation - maintains the usual functions of welcoming and admitting people when necessary. For a long time, Santa Casa housed the entire health sector of the Community. Only when the Health Center was ready did the allopathic pharmacy, the outpatient clinic and the medical and dental sector leave the Santa Casa building.

It is at this moment that it establishes itself in the community mission, to aggregate, attend and serve the Community at a spiritual, social and individual level. Its main focus of care is spiritual healing with the support of compatible integrative therapies.

The main demands of Santa Casa today are:

Monthly resource that can guarantee the operation of Santa Casa and the maintenance of a minimum team of five people. The Santa Casa service must work on a voluntary basis, but to compromise the team, minimal help is needed for workers.

With the growing number of residents and visitors from all over Brazil and the world who spend time in Vila Céu do Mapiá, the need to guarantee conditions to welcome people, not only those seeking care, but also those who come to develop some activity or receive the healing energies that emanate from the Santa Casa.

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